5 Easy Simple steps to create a Blog in 2019

5 Easy simple steps to create a Blog in 2019
  1. Choose your blog topic
    How to choose your blog topic so I will explain Why I choose my blog topic is digital marketing is that I know in future digital marketing is very growing and demand industry day by day and I am learning about digital Marketing thinks like SEM, SEO, SMM, SMO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and SMS Marketing there are a lot of things to learn in Digital Marketing so that I think whatever i have learned so far and future to share knowledge with my users so that reason I chose my topic is related to digital marketing updates and Services.
    Choose topic is very important to your blogging journey which topic you’re choosing is very important that topic is your blog journey, which means don’t be an expert in that topic just you have an idea about on what you are going to be updated in your blog post so that your blog will be a brand. and you need to aware about the niche that your going to write a content to your blog.

2. Choose your blog name
I choose my blog name is learndigitals.com it is not a blog name it is also your domain name means this is the address of your blog,
Because I am going to update on my blog is about digital marketing so I created a domain like learndigitals.com.
You can choose your domain like people will easily find you on the internet so that users will easy to access your blog is very important and the domain name should not be more than 8 characters, what upend if you select more than 8 characters the users not access to your blog easy because your domain name is very high range if you choose short 4 to 6 characters it is good but see there are a lot of famous domain names like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, what this companies advantage is that the company names already famous so if search any think about online product the users search Amazon or Flipkart and Snapdeal because their domain name is very famous and people very easy to remember the Name which they are created this are all domain name they have created so you should know that your domain name is related to your topic is most important and people will remind your domain name and it should be readable.

3. Buy a domain (blog name) and hosting your domain
Go to any website like domain providers exp like Godaddy.com login and register for your domain name in that the domain cost that you need to pay form your account and same as well there is hosting service you can select when buying domain name so your rental will be low price when you are selecting hosting service there are more option to select then you can select that word press hosting so that it is very easy to update topic to your blog
Step 1
You can log in in.godaddy.com
You can search for your domain if it is available then you can buy
Step 2
You can select a plan as per your requirements
Step 3
You have to provide your personal details
Step 4
You can choose payment mode and you have to pay the amount
Step 5
You will get a mail for you cpanel login details

4. Install WordPress to your panel
After finishing the domain hosting you can install a WordPress application for your Domain.
After installing WordPress select theme for which is suitable for your blog, there are free themes from them you can select one and set up your blog as you wish.

5. Update your topic to your blog
Whatever topic you want to update u can create a title of that topic so that you can write a good article about the topic and title should be highlighted because the readers want to search for titles only like I will give you an idea how to choose your topic for your blog there are many ways to create titles like for example

How is Digital Marketing Growing in India 2019?
How do Digital Marketing Services help to grow your business?
What is the best institute for Learn Digital Marketing in India?
The top 10 blog post you should read about Digital Marketing.
Top 10 WordPress plugins must use.

Like this, you can create good titles for your blog, and then you can start writing about your blog and publish.

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