How do I learn Digital Marketing without going to institute?

How do I learn Digital Marketing without going to institute?

Why I am starting to writing this post is that I have learned more from online because it is possible to learn yourself that I will write my experience to how I learn digital marketing.
I never thought that I will become a Digital Marketer but now I feel that i know about Digital Marketing, how I started my journey in Digital Marketing as my career I have smart skills like if I see anything interested things that I will test it and also I am using Facebook normally just for new update on Social Media then one day I was reading my Facebook news feed I saw the Facebook advertisement called Free Digital Marketing Course From Digital Deepak sir,
I am really saying that I don’t know anything about Digital Marketing and any technical skills also but I exited to his advertisement I have signup for his Free Digital Marketing Course then I got emails every day from his Free Digital Marketing Course videos. So you can understand of a
I saw his free Digital Marketing Course Videos but I am not sure that where can I start and how to start Digital marketing then I started the searching for Digital Marketing in Google, YouTube. Everyone is saying that digital marketing Basics only providing but full courses no one will provide then I take it lite then I left it learning digital marketing. after few days I got a mail form Digital Deepak sir that would be he is starting a 100 Days Blogging Course the course cost would be very less Price only the price will atracted me to buy the course, finally I brought the 100 Days blogging course and I started Learning from his 100 days blogging course and same thing that I will start my own blog named

 I started hosted and start writing blog posts also but my favorite Platform is YouTube for learning everything that is very helpful me to grow my skills and knowledge each and every information we can get from Google but with practice and I never go any institutes for learning Digital Marketing but I have to go but it is very high cost that will not support financially.
I am very grateful thanking for Digital Deepak Sir, he is the excellent teacher in the digital marketing Field his ideas and he has a very good knowledge on Digital Marketing, he has helped me to change my life form traditional marketing to digital marketing field. I am very proud to be a student of digital Deepak sir, I am thankful to Deepak sir,
I give you suggestion is learn yourself and make it practice engage with mentors and join Facebook groups and what’s App groups which are available in social platforms to get answers from them for your questions or doubts then you will learn more from yourself and from others. Otherwise, you can select best digital marketing institute and join there learn from experts it is very easy to learn from a mentor.
Why I am starting this blog is really I am saying that I don’t know any idea about anything before buying this domain but I have thought that whatever I am learning that I will share my knowledge through this blog it is a good idea that I got in my mind.

I started developing a website (blog) I got confident in creating a website with WordPress.I have shared my blog in social media and also my what’s app groups because they know about you very well when you share your ideas and also I got a client for creating a website I fix an appointment with that client I went to client place I have explained whatever I know when he is satisfied with my Presentation then I took his requirement then I start my first Project with some good budget. And now I have 5 clients I am running successful digital marketing services to my clients, I am not saying that I am perfect in Digital marketer still I am a learner but whatever I have learned from wherever. I use those skills in my way.

When we meet new people if they are appreciating you then you will get more confidence in yourself that will help you to do more challenges in your life.
Then I have started a freelancing work to creating a websites and all digital marketing services.
You can write any questions and any feedback please feel free to write a mail to us or comment below.
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